French Doors

This picture is actually Otto’s lol ….. i hold him to blame for invading my camera roll and making fall under the delusion that i accidentally took a good picture and might have talent hahahaha

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  1. this is one of your very best images Elaine!!… and i love the handwriting on the image of the frame… you dod good girl….xox….peter:)

  2. Great title for this fabulous image, Elaine!

  3. A beautiful mountain view. Feels like home to me. Or more like half an hour drive from where I am now. 🙂

    1. then what the heck is YOUR PICTURE doing on my camera????? lol this is the second picture i couldn’t explain

      1. Now you know…

      2. ummmm now i know WHAT???? what is it you think i know? that it’s your picture? lol i thought it was the sea to sky highway in vancouver…. and how did YOUR PICTURE get into my camera???? i don’t know shit.

      3. Well, the I probably know even less.

      4. Otto, are you drunk again? lol

      5. Me, I don’t touch alcohol. Well, mostly that is.

      6. you are a teacher, you KNOW that to be intelligent is to explain things clearly and succinctly, not hide info and make people feel stupid for not understanding… so i can only assume you are drunk lol

  4. fantastic shot. what a view!

  5. I just wanna drown in that frame, Elaine. Time to open another bottle of French red wine & keep on flying. That is one outstanding beauty you created. Amen!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. Such a mellow peaceful feel and I dig how the highway leads the eye in and then disappears.

  7. Omg droool this is amazing! Are you seriously thinking of quitting photography?! You’re so good!

    1. actually i don’t even freakin’ remember this photo AT ALL, i often just go back in my photos and post whatever… i thought this was the sea to sky highway and couldn’t remember the last time i was out that way… so Otto pipes up and says it looks like it’s just up the road from him…. so i guess SOMEHOW Otto’s picture ended up on my photoroll and that’s why it’s amazing coz it’s not mine hahahahahaha…. and no i’m not going to quite photography, sorry, i’m just having some trouble concentrating lol

  8. ok had to post one more time b/c this is so beautiful- love the colors and the grittiness – do you alter it with photoshop or something?

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