For The Animals

bawk bawk baaaawk

bawk bawk baaaawk

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  1. Terrific shot (and I will be a vegan if my wife jumps like that).

  2. LOL at Michael. I’m guessing I’m half-vegan, Elaine, but could easily be totally vegan, seeing all the possibilities out there for consumption. I’m really lucky to like all the vegan options! But I do also like chicken. 🙂

  3. Mr. Rooster looks like he’s on a mission for veganism, I think. As for the poster boy and girl photo: this pro-vegan psychological warfare isn’t fair. Gee.

    1. haha Phil… resistance is futile

  4. A proud & honorable member of the vegan society. The ways of the world are mysterious.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. Aw I love it!!! I actually had a rescued chicken/rooster (long story) that lived with my in my apartment for a few months until I could find her/him a better home and looked a lot like this!! Yay vegan love!

    PS- I like the new layout!!

    1. i looooooove vegan looooove, AND i love you for having a pet chicken!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

      1. Thank you!! Omg he/she was sooo clever and wonderful. Would always run over to the fridge with me and jump up and down whenever I opened it hoping to get watermelon! The cutest freaking thing ever. Also he/she would always want to sit and sleep right next to me when I was watching tv or sitting on the couch.

      2. oh my dog!!! haha i NEED a chicken for a pet… that sounds soooo adorable xoxoxoxo i need a cuddly bebe to sit by me on the couch 🙂

      3. They are seriously sweet and amazing little creatures, so misunderstood by the mainstream!

      4. i just watched a vid on how smart and loving they are… so cute!!! i think i’m going to get a rat tho 🙂

      5. ahhh I had rats growing up! They are amazingggggg and sweet! I could take them out on walks and they would just follow me around with no leash or anything!

      6. no no no, my ratty will be totally in my pocket and curled up around my neck at all times haha… wait, do they do that? lol

      7. lol mine did ride on my shoulder, but they got fidgety up there and wouldn’t stay that long- although I’ve seen some people with ones that will go everywhere just riding along on their shoulder!

      8. i had a friend with a rat like that, would stay on my shoulder all bloody day… that’s when i fell in love with rats 🙂 he was sooooo sweet

      9. Aww now you have me looking up rats on pet rescue sites! I can’t get a rat right before my trip to Barcelona! They’d never get through customs!

      10. you are going to risk running away screaming and leaving your luggage in a strange man’s bathroom? definitely don’t take a rat lol

      11. hehehe! awww I had so many rats… I was a kid so did terrible things in general involving animals all in the name of love, but in this case got boy rats and a girl and let them have babies- then released lots of them out into the wild around my home. I would never do that now of course- but years later you could still see lots of rats running around in the ditches. One moved back into my house and had babies- and she totally looked just like one of my rat’s babies…

      12. what a sweeeeet story!!! but aren’t fancy rats meant to stay INDOORS? lol *GET IN MA POCKET!* ok, i’m about to pass out from my night time meds… later sister xoxoxoxoxoxox

      13. hehe yes I think they were SUPPOSED to be indoors… but I was a rebellious kid! (Not really, I was such a goody goody, but I WISH I was rebellious, and I suppose I was a little bit considering my participation in the rat population surge in my town…)

      14. Much to my shame I was a goody goody too… If we had rebelled at the right time. Well… U know… And bravo on the pretty rat populace!!

  6. Such a great portrait of a proud rooster.

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