You Are My Sunshine

I intend on coming back to my photoblog in a couple of weeks, and I will post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and reconnect with you all 🙂

6 comments on “You Are My Sunshine”

  1. Hello to your hubby! I was in a doctor’s waiting lobby some years ago. An elderly man was singing “You are my Sunshine” to his very ill wife as they waited. She told me that he sang it to her when they were courting and that he still would serenade her with that same song. 🙂 Looking forward to your blog return!

    1. awwww what a sweet story!! how romantic xoxoxox thank you for sharing it, Phil

    2. PS you thought i was joking about how awful the picture was that i posted today… I WASN’T hahahahaa

      1. to be honest, i can’t take credit for how HORRIBLY BAD this picture is… my husband was taking a selfie lol… i just don’t possess this magnitude of genius 🙂

  2. I am glad to have you back again (I have been away myself for a couple of weeks). Your husband is obviously a genius with his cell phone. 🙂 I love the spontaneous look.

    1. yes, he has the unaffected genius of a child lol a smashingly awful picture!! thank you, Otto! and welcome back 🙂

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