It’s called? A Leg Up

Smidge is getting a leg up on the competition… or rather the competition’s face 🙂

6 comments on “It’s called? A Leg Up”

  1. It always happens when you are trying to do something important…like moving. The fur kids start to be a bit rambunctious. It’s just a ploy for attention, you know.

    1. she is relentless when it comes to torturing sparky haha

  2. I think that wrestling match might be fixed.

    1. hahaha, yeah, the one with the female parts wins 🙂

  3. The first thing I thought was “I sure hope she doesn’t pee!” UGH…not a good thought! 🙁

    1. hahaha, no no, she’s a giiiirrrlll, girls don’t pee with their leg up… she just likes to try and climb on top of him when he’s lying down 🙂 sometimes he lets her lay on him!

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