The Heat? Of The Night

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My wee puppy is in heat. She has no idea what’s wrong with her and she is miserable and confused. She ‘had her way’ with my forearm the other day, it was her first ‘hump day’… I feel sooo bad that I didn’t get her fixed before her first heat. I thought maybe because she is so small that she might get her heat later than usual, but no, she is very healthy. Poor Smidge, that’s all I can say.

6 comments on “The Heat? Of The Night”

  1. Poor thing. 🙁 So does this mean you’ll get her fixed now?? I don’t know how these things work….

    1. yes, i will get her fixed as soon as her heat is over… i was going to get her trained with Tina’s dog but those plans are gone now

  2. Poor baby. Sometimes a dog’s life is not that great.

    1. it’s my fault toooo, i should have gotten her spayed before her first heat 🙁

  3. i hope it will not last too long, Elaine. i am tempted to stroke her neck and back as she is curled up like that.

    1. it lasts about 3 weeks, she’s almost done… and i know what you mean, she’s so sweet isn’t she?

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