Billy Idol

I am reminded, in this self portrait, of the Billy Idol song ‘Eyes Without a Face’… but i didn’t like that song lol

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  1. A very merry Christmas, baby. And the way you look at us sets more than just one Christmas tree on fire. You are a diamond glowing in the darkness.

    Love & kisses, Fritsch.

    1. lol am i a firestarter, my dear? well, there’s a fire starting in my heart, reachin’ a fever pitch and takin’ me out the dark… where i can see you, baby oxoxox

  2. That is a wonderful image. I really like the fact that there is just the hint of a mouth. A lovely piece of art.

    1. Thank you sooo much, Michael!! what a lovely compliment!!

  3. I like that photo, Elaine.

    1. why thank yeee, Phil! very kind of you! it was another failed attempt at growing my hair out!

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