Driving Home!

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Drving home in my little green monster! and here is the video of a snowfall, it has been happening for two weeks now, and normally we are lucky to get one snowfall per year, and it melts right away! #globalwarming

8 comments on “Driving Home!”

  1. Ohhhhhh. I want to see the snow fall HERE again, so thank you for this preview. Climate change really is wreaking havoc on our world, isn’t it! (sigh) The 11-city, 120 mile ice-skating race here in the Netherlands may never happen again, they say, because they need 7 inches of ice. The last year it happened was 1997.

    1. Yes, climate change, ugh!! That is utterly heartbreaking about the ice skating over there! Never again?? well, the way the whether has been turning lately I can see why they say ‘never’… i mean if you need to go back to 7 inches of ICE from no snow for so long! It’s truly heartbreaking! I feel for you!

      The first time we had a white Christmas here for over 70 years was back in 1994 I think… and I gather the weather has been getting crazier ever since then, because after that year we ALWAYS got snow around Christmas, every year! But it always melted over night… and now, we just had two weeeeks of snow! gah!

  2. I read about your crazy weather. Ours is crazy as well except ours has very little snow and no real cold weather.

    1. global warming, it makes everything the opposite of what it usually is!!

  3. Nice little video. It’s neat to watch the snow fall, but after that my enthusiasm wanes. (It’s an age thing.) We are at 4ยบ F now. That is low enough for me!

    1. awww, Phil… you’re not old!! are you trying for the ‘Nottinghill brownie’?? lol

  4. Let’s fight the climate change with cuddeling even if there’s no snow after driving home. What about this, darling?

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. Cuddles from across the world!! Coming your way, sweetheart xoxoxox

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