Toy Land


Smidge and Sparky lounging on Sparky’s dog bed… amidst all the toys

6 comments on “Toy Land”

  1. This is when Smidge looks like one of the toys. HA!

    1. she is about small enuff to be a chew toy for Sparky lol good thing Sparky doesn’t feel that way about her… Smidge is the one who chews on SPARKY lolol

  2. What a fun picture! Curly and curious.

    1. Sparky has nice wavy hair for sure, but i prefer sticking my nose in Smidge’s hair lol

  3. It’s just a sign of sharing. And that’s good coz sharing is loving 😉

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. yes yes, they love each other, even though Smidge is always biting his nose and Sparky acts like it bugs him (it really doesn’t) 🙂

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