Addicted To Love :)

I’m addicted to my puppy’s love. <3

8 comments on “Addicted To Love :)”

  1. Let’s face it: there’s nothing more addicting than True Love! (And I know what movie THAT makes you think of. HA!).

    1. really?? shoot, i can’t think of the movie that you think i’m thinking of lolol

      1. The Princess Bride…mawwiage and twue wove! 🙂

      2. hahaha, i’ve only seen that movie ONCE, and have no clear memory of it lol… unlike you lol

  2. the right kind of addiction, some would say, Elaine.

    1. yes, the only kind of love in this world that is completely and utterly innocent and pure 🙂

  3. Who would not be addicted. And that tongue is back out where it belongs. 🙂

    1. I knooow hahaha that tongue is hanging out coz she has an overbite, but yet, somehow it’s still PERFECT 🙂

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