Sweet Things In Life

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Walking the dog on a beautiful summer day… Coming home and playing with them (in the video, showing how Smidge has the ‘killer instinct’ and goes for Sparky’s jugular with her little tail wagging in glee) 🙂

10 comments on “Sweet Things In Life”

  1. Man alive! Who knew Smidge was the Tasmanian Devil! “Sweet thing,” indeed. HA!

    1. i know hahaha, she takes great pleasure in bothering Sparky, but she knows he’s top dog… she won’t eat until Sparky has got his food… and we have to let the boys go out the door first for our walk, or she refuses to come along… she aquiesces to him, the same way he rolls around pretending to be attacked and offering his neck to her lol it’s a great love story 🙂

  2. indeed, Elaine. i bet you get a whole load of this daily.

    1. Indeeeeed I dooooo 🙂 xoxoxx

  3. It is always fun to take a killer dog for a walk.

    1. hahaha, well, my little Smidge may be a killer lol but she goes for a ‘walk’ by sitting in my bra 🙂

  4. an extremely good pic and a nice glimpse into your daily life

    1. Hello Sherri! so good to see you in my life 🙂

  5. I agree with Sherri. This is a new favourite to me. All the magic of walking, the poetry of caring for each other & the companionship in one great frame. Love it, my dear!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. yes, love and caring and companionship, are the only things that make life worth living, sweetheart, so thank you for sharing with me xoxox

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