Showing off

Parked and running outside the dealership, waiting for us to take her home.

8 comments on “Showing off”

    1. Right??? I’m going to go along for the ride when hubby goes shopping tonight… heated seats, baby yeah! lol

  1. My! What a big smile and bright eyes you have! Wait. That’s a commercial, isn’t it?
    Oh well. I hope the three of you enjoyed your shopping expedition.

    1. totally enjoyed it… i don’t even get out of the caaaar…. i let hubby go in and do the shopping and tell him to leave it running while i bask in those heated seats 🙂

  2. but of course 🙂

    the lights look like eyes

    1. the car has personality doesn’t she? 🙂 a very warm personality

  3. Strutting her stuff.

    1. sisters are doin’ it for themselves lalala 🙂

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