I’ve always wanted a Jeep… hubby says that the suspension will hurt my back… i loved this green newer model.. Jeeps remain cool over the years.

6 comments on “Jeep!”

  1. I can definitely see the allure, Elaine, and really like the way you have shown it here. Did I ever tell you that Nicholas drives an old Jeep that used to be his dad’s? So when we’re in Atlanta, I sometimes even drive it when I have errands. 🙂

    1. oh?! you are so lucky, i can’t even get a test drive opp out of hubby lol what is the suspension like? 🙂

  2. I’ve always liked jeeps too. This one is a cool color.

    1. yes, only a jeep could pull off that colour! xox

  3. with the partial crop in this angle, it still has the unmistakable stamp of Jeep, Elaine.

    1. yes, it does doesn’t it, not need for the word jeep on the front 🙂

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