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10 comments on “House.”

  1. When this image popped up, Elaine, I thought of an expression we often said while growing up: “Half a loaf is better than no vacation at all.” 😀

    1. hehe, half a house is better than no doctor at all lol… i binge watched ‘house’ on netflix last year, like 8 seasons!

  2. Dreamy stuff here. And the house is smiling, too!

    1. yeah, that house was a real poser 🙂 thanks, Phil xoxox

  3. love, love how you processed this with the soft, blue sky

    i binge watched the House series this past winter

    1. did you??? we are of like minds then lol Hugh Laurie is kinda sexy huh? 🙂

  4. i am only vaguely familiar with the series, Elaine, but i take it that actor is very good. i like the diagonal white lines criss crossing all over the facade.

    1. thank you Ayush! very kind of you xoxox

  5. There is so much beauty here…

    1. really?? you think? thank you!!! xoxox

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