A Lonely Road

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  1. A road without cars is rare, good day to you!

    1. Rare indeed, and it does make for a relaxing drive!

  2. suddenly i was struck by images from the Transformer movies, Elaine – alien robots battling on highways! excellent shot through the rain splattered windshield. i do not often get to see this kind of a view

    1. lol i’ve never seen the transformers movies! yes a highway that free of cars is a rarity! thanks for your fun comment 🙂

  3. Interesting processing. Somewhat surreal.
    Lonely roads are where my car decides to break down. Always.

    1. your car obviously has a mood disorder, Phil 🙂

  4. Not like being on Germany’s autobahn, Elaine, when you barely dared to get into the passing lane lest someone you never saw coming was suddenly on your tail going 100 mph! (sigh) Your lonely road suddenly feels calming.

    1. it IS calming! i hate the way gilles rides everybody’s bumpers! need tranqs just to get thru the drive! i would not do well on the autobahn lol

  5. A beautiful photo of this road. A road I would like to drive…love the pastel colours which adds a little bit of solitude mood…

    1. it’s usually packed with cars when we drive it… so we have learned how to escape traffic, thanks, Robert!!

  6. another fav for me

    love, love the endless road feel and the texture added a gorgeous color palette

    1. thank you, sweetie… i think i didn’t blur the photo enuff to go with the texture lol i’m picky

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