For the little snail family to move into….

16 thoughts on “The Shells

  1. construction or modern deconstruction, that’s what i’m living these days around me with the construction of a new building. and i’m listening to blurring noises, these construction noises being always blurring, i don’t know why, blurring into my sleep. which makes me slip towards this beautiful blurring picture of you.

    1. awwwww, thank you, Francis… i think blurring is beautiful toooooo…. sorry about the nights filled with blurry construction tho 🙂

  2. This is like a nightmare to me. NOthing to do with the quality of your photo. The people who bough the house next door last APril, have been doing constant, endless construction on it, every day, 6:30 am until 5 or 5 pm, 7 days a week. I am tired of the bangind, sawing, trucks in and out of my driveway, being blocked in. I could go on and on. SOrry to vent like that. Firendship

  3. yesterday and the day before, a new owner in our historic neighborhood tore down a beautiful cottage style home with a picket fence around it. it just made most people in our town completely sick over the loss. hopefully, we can do something before another one comes down.

    i like your thoughts of it being a shell. good description. i hope the owners make it their home.

    1. awwww, no! well, i have seen movies where they get things declared historic, then people can’t tear them down… hopefully you can prevent further carnage!
      i watched a great movie about beatrix potter (peter rabbit) and how she saved a neighbourhood, the movie is called ‘miss potter’ you would love it…
      thanks about my thoughts sweetie, i don’t have too many lately lol

      1. oh my dog…. yes i have recieved it and i have been trying to get my type tool back in photoshop for HOURS lol ugh!!!

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