We Got Cows

Cow!… ‘Nuther Cow’ …’actually I think that was the same one’… ‘I gotta go, Julia. we got cows!’

12 comments on “We Got Cows”

  1. There is something quite calming about cows, to me. THey gently graze and look at us with their huge cow eyes. Friendship

    1. yes, cows have just the prettiest eyes! thanks xoxoxoxox

  2. you’re too funny. i remember that part of the movie. love the image. so beautifully photographed.

    1. thank you, sister! i love that movie, good clean fun lol and thank you about the image! xoxoxox

  3. I think your cows are quieter…love the photo and I remember the movie, a good one!

    1. thank you, robert lol yeah, the cows were a little calmer xoxoxoxox

  4. Cows are all very nice until you have to milk one and in the middle of it decide it is time to empty the old bladder. They then look back at you as if to say “Oops. Did I do that?”

    1. hahahaha!!! i must confess i have never milked a cow, but you paint a vivid picture lol xoxoxox

  5. Lol! Your post and the video from Twister. Perfect 😀

    1. lol i’m glad you appreciate it, i add a vid coz my photos don’t measure up on their own lol thanks xoxoxoxoxox

  6. Flying cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lol i know right… hehe

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