The Man with the Beard

As I was walking down the stair

I passed a man who wasn’t there

He wasn’t there again today

Oh how I wish he’d go away

I walked past this man in the park and he was so striking with da beard, that I had to ask for a picture!

8 comments on “The Man with the Beard”

  1. So many people just look and never see. Some see and never feel.And then there is that rare breed, those special someones, that feel and so they see.You are one of those and I stand in awe !!

  2. That is an awesome beard!

  3. wow.. in only i could grow one as grand as that.. 😀

  4. Great portrait – his beard obviously but the connection between him and the boy is touching -the way they held each others hand – the body language…Good one!

  5. Waow… definitely this man was very proud of his beard and always maintained as well as treated him well. Liked to see BG the beautiful forest. Regards from Yogyakarta INDONESIA.

  6. Oh the stories he could tell.

  7. I love this picture really… the mood is fine and the expression of both is very shy and kind… thx for your nice comments at my blog also 🙂

  8. I freakin love this picture.Also like the new theme… what theme is it?

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