I know that I don’t know

All that I think I know.

I know I won’t see all of

The places I wish to go.

I know I’m not ready

For all that the world demands,

You don’t have to always hold me,

Just let me see your hands.

I know

That there’s a lot

That I won’t understand,

That you don’t have all

Of the answers.

I haven’t forgotten

That I have to grow up

And someday live without

Your voice, your opinion–

Making my own decisions.

I know that I don’t know

All that I think I know.

I know that I may not see all

Of the places I want to someday go.

I know I’m not ready for everything

That I won’t always understand

You don’t have to always hold me

But sometimes. . .

Just let me touch your


by Jherine N. Saine from Family Friend Poems

28 comments on “Hands”

  1. Very lovely with detail and texture. I like the lighting very much. Just so you know…I have added you to my VFXY favourites, and well, you know the rest 🙂

  2. Elaine, this is amazing girl! The light and subtleness in this image I think adds to the emotiveness here, such a powerful image, with that poem, brought a tear to my eye. To me, this is brilliant photography when you can convey a feeling, and emotion, a message to a viewer, and you you have done this so beautifully here, Bravo!

  3. Beautiful shot, love the subdued color

  4. Beautiful picture Elaine, very poignant

  5. Des mains qui parlent et racontent : silence, nous écoutons …

  6. An image that seems to struggle for human freedom. It has a moody subdued feel but nevertheless has a power all its own. Well done, Elaine.

  7. Open hands, to the light, a sunday! I like so much this symbol ! There is a nice oppositiont between the sens and the hard relief of the wool. Great work! SwissCharles

  8. Fantastic image!I like the subject, detail and texture.I really love it!

  9. Lovley Picture

  10. Beautiful image!

  11. Exceptional image, Elaine. The textures, tones, and composition are amazing…such fitting words. Wonderful post:-)

  12. Beautiful image and light.Love the subject. 🙂

  13. oh man.. great shot! i could use this on my book cover! granting that i’ve written a book already.. lol.. but you know what i mean, right? 😀 great tones, textures & lighting.. what can i say? 😀

  14. What a nice image, nice tones and composition. When looking at the photo I get relaxed and safe feeling.

  15. A very natural looking image, old age comes creeping quietly.

  16. I like the color treatment. A nice mood. Some body language may be…

  17. Beautiful and powerful shot! A well taken photograph!S

  18. It’s been said already, but this is just exceptional, Elaine! Thanks for that memory in picture and in word.

  19. beautiful, touching image

  20. “A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist” – Louis Nizer. Great emotion from the artist’s hands!

  21. Very powerful picture Elaine, the tones really add to the mood in this shot. Great creative image.

  22. A picture full of emotions and feelings. Magnificent!

  23. Intensely strong. Very good composition and tones.

  24. I always look at peoples hands. They can tell a story. My dad’s are strong. My mom’s are thin and she has arthritis now, but you can still feel the love. Great shot, as always!!

  25. Elaine, your images are EXTREMELY powerful.

  26. Lovely light and texture, nice tones too!

  27. Simple and effective.

  28. i love photographs of hands. you can tell so much about a person from their hands. the eyes can sometimes lie, but never the hands..-= Seraphine´s last blog ..<a href="http://encoreseraphine.com/2010/01/01/on-being-bubbly/“ rel=”nofollow”>On Being Bubbly =-.

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