The Replacements

I’m putting up another picture for today

so that nobody else has to be subjected

to dumpster graffiti

so there, are we fine now?


11 comments on “The Replacements”

  1. Sweet really…:)Cheers for you, your husband and fantastic dog!

  2. I like it, a babe in arms 🙂 my pooch is with me all day too.

  3. Sweet moment between pup and his beloved master. Love the grainy dreamlike effect.

  4. *looks around* who’s complaining? lol.. you guys really spoil him, huh.. 🙂 nice lighting & processing.. 😀

  5. Well this was relaxing and comfy looking 🙂 Really like the grainy look too.

  6. Two happy sofa campers. Your husband looks somewhat mispleased? However the dog is having a great time. Nice work 🙂

  7. I like the grain in this image

  8. What a great couple :DI love the expression of the doggie, it’s adorable!

  9. ahhhhhhh does he have your name tatoo on his arm?

  10. Stunning Black and White. So much mood embded in here

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