Come on up…

This world is not my home.

I’m just passing through

Come on up to the House

28 comments on “Come on up…”

  1. A definite wow factor in this one. I love the blue and your tilt or whatever you did really adds attraction to this. I see evidence of the seasonal change too:-)

  2. Cool, great color with a different angle to look at things 🙂 I like the pine cones on the stairs, very nice. Let me check out the movie now 🙂

  3. Nice perspective, love the focus on the stairs, very well done!

  4. This is so incredible. The mood is stunning

  5. Wow! Great color and nice perspective! I love blue and fragile green.Stunning shot!

  6. I like this one very much. It has a terrific blend of sharpness and softness. The angel is very interesting too.

  7. wow!! you amaze me how you turn ordinary things into beautiful, inspiring images! great light and lots of wonderful textures. however, for me, the perspective represents the striking element of this composition! oh, and Waits’s song is just a big, fat bonus 🙂

  8. Original composition ! well done !

  9. Very original perpective, and great work with tones. Nice shot.

  10. love the angle you choose to capture this, the mix of crisp detail on the stairs and the surrounding softness all together making a stunning capture

  11. Beautifully soft with such a nice blue. I’d love to gather those pine cones & make a wreathe for the coming holidays.:-)

  12. love the angle here and the processing gives it a very interesting look

  13. Cool like the way you shot this Elaine, Les

  14. This should be a holiday home, i mean a second home. I like the idea of find this mess because it means vacation time is starting. Great !

  15. Lots of grain. The rustik stairs, the worn steps, the cones all does it for me. Nice capture.

  16. hmm.. this shot matches the vid you posted.. nice tilt & nice blues.. that music videos cool.. he’s got a nice voice too.. he could pass off for a metal vocalist.. 😉

  17. Wonderful angle and I like the blue. The image has a painting like quality, nice processing.

  18. lovely treatment, very decadent image i like it.

  19. Wow love the angle you shot this at. Very original and artistic!

  20. Love how you’ve turned this on an angle to add a little more zip and interest. Wonderful colors and magical vignetting.

  21. Great artistic twist to this image, I like it. The video is good too.

  22. Great one – I like these image form places which show desertion. Processing adds to this feeling. SwissCharlesPS I like the video too, great idea.

  23. Interesting and very creative angle!

  24. I like the wired framing and the colors very much

  25. Very moody shot 🙂

  26. there’s something very pleasing about the shadows, light, blue stairs and pine cones. like the unexpected angle too.

  27. Interesting angel on this one. Your perspective is alway so interesting. Makes you wonder….

  28. Like a dream…sleepwalking through shades of blue. This is simply stunning Elaine! Bravo! Bravo!

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