snuggle buggle

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  1. Great shot. Love that he has your name tattooed on his arm.

  2. Really Sweet photograph.

  3. Ils doivent faire de beaux reves tout les deux ……..

  4. So dreamy and so sweet, nice tattoo!

  5. toujours de si belles photos

  6. A comment ? No comment – everything (and much more) told in your pic ! The tatoo catches the eye and tells the whole story here… Hugs

  7. this is a very sweet photo. look at them cuddling together in deep sleep, great shot and excellent processing!

  8. You can hear them dreaming together. Very sweet.

  9. I’m sure that dogs have something to make you fall asleep, mine does it to me all the time, little bugger ;O)

  10. now that’s cute.. 🙂 nothing like a warm dog to put you to sleep.. 🙂 nice shot..

  11. very sweet portait – I like it alot

  12. Very soft processing…it looks like sweet dreams:-) I like the new design. You’re on pixieblog?

  13. Hello, what’s all this…. changes are afoot! A different style template and very nice too.Great photograph, a picture of contentment

  14. Elaine, these two splendid creatures love You very much…The excellent tattoo 🙂

  15. it’s lovely that they also share their rest together,i wonder what they are doing while playing !

  16. Awwwww. That’s total love, Elaine. Nothing like it!

  17. Hey thats awesome – and he must be all in as he has your name on his arm (guaranteed for 99 years).

  18. A very fitting title, there they rest peacefully all snuggled up. Great atmosphere in this shot.

  19. oh what a sweety shot, great portrait

  20. Beautiful work – I feel like I’m trespassing!

  21. Who let the dogs out! Who let the dogs out! Great shot!

  22. So warm and cozy, snuggled and deep in sleep. These are good times.

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