stop taking my picture!

camera shy tonight, so i took a whole bunch of pictures *giggle*

23 comments on “stop taking my picture!”

  1. Heh. If you were my girl and were always taking photos of me when sleeping, we’d have some serious relationship issues. Or maybe not. They always turn out pretty well. I like this series.

  2. Really nice the way these came out. I like the color work here.

  3. Another great one – and this time in colour! Isn’t he wonderful to let you exploit him? 🙂

  4. Trying to be shy… doesn’t work with you does it :)Nice series of hubby wanting to be left alone, or maybe the hand just happend to be there by accident 🙂

  5. Fast asleep. So this was what you wanted to accomplish. Great series. I like that you stayed in color this time. He should really mind his glasses, then could get bend ever so bad.

  6. So he finally got upset that everytime he is waking up he sees a lens in his face?:)))

  7. Well even if he’s camera shy, you make it look nice! Candid shots are always great, his expression is great!

  8. great series lol, lovely tones too

  9. Wonderful portraits. Me too – am amazed that he allows you to photograph like this. Excellent!

  10. the more you resist, the more i persist.. that’s what i say.. 😀 nice shots! 🙂

  11. Cheeky shots! I was going to encourage my wife to start a blog but now………..not so sure lol ;O)

  12. lol at Craig’s comment….I see you finally tuckered him out and he fell asleep:-)

  13. Nice series, digg the lomo effect. Cool changes to the blog, very nice 🙂

  14. How fun. I love the hint of your name tattooed on his arm.

  15. very nice title and you picture it quite good

  16. Wahou …. Une jolie série, une nouvelle présentation … J’aime beaucoup ton univers Elaine . Bravo!

  17. Poor man! You chase him :)Great triptych!SwissCharles

  18. Ah yes, the body language does say it all…but in a playful way. I like the cross-processing!

  19. The excellent triptych!

  20. Next time He falls a sleep put shaving cream in his hand and tickle his nose. That would make a great series of shots. 🙂

  21. vieux film couleur comme dans un réveil difficile 😉

  22. I would be in so much trouble if I took shots like this of my wife and posted them, mind you I would be peeved to put it mildly if she did it of me, I guess neither of us really like our photos taken

  23. very good choice of tones.. for this the compositions too 😉

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