The House

The House where Nobody Lives

by Tom Waits

There’s a house on my block

That’s abandoned and cold

Folks moved out of it a

Long time ago

And they took all their things

And they never came back

Looks like it’s haunted

With the windows all cracked

And everyone call it

The house, the house where

Nobody lives

Once it held laughter

Once it held dreams

Did they throw it away

Did they know what it means

Did someone’s heart break

Or did someone do somebody wrong?

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27 comments on “The House”

  1. Love the post processing. The vignetting is just superb.

  2. You’ve really created a timeless feeling and a wonderful atmosphere here, Elaine. And your choice of Mr Waits lyrics are spot on.Yep, simply love this photographHope you have a fantastic, fun filled Christmas

  3. Beautiful processing, I love the tones. Have a great Christmas!

  4. Nice processing and feel to this image. The house does not look deserted, but there is a sadness about it…The Tom Waits song is perfect here.

  5. Nice pictgure, like how you have some of the areas over exposed, it gives the picture a nice aged feel, that along with the song gives it a lonely moody feel as well. Like it. 🙂

  6. I love me some Tom Waits. The photo is one of my favorites of yours so far. The soft highlights, the flare. Great photo.

  7. Great shot! What a nice little house, is it really abandoned?

  8. Nice house and amazing b&w

  9. Wonderful old house. The processing gives it a tmieless abandoned feel.

  10. both are really great … picture and song !!!

  11. i like the vintage feel applied to the house.. and the open gate beckoning us in is also a nice touch.. 🙂 great work.. 🙂

  12. Such a quaint and nicely processed image. Have a great Christmas, Elaine.

  13. Great processing. This feels very much like an old film shot. The lighting is superb.

  14. great atmosphere, color selection and vignette-I wish you a beautiful Christmas!

  15. Love the dreamlike feeling to this photo. Great timeless shot!

  16. Like an old family snapshot:-)

  17. Lovely vintage processing, great job 🙂

  18. with this kind of light and the gate open… it really looks the dream to own an house.

  19. I love the lighting you did here on the house Elaine. You really did make it look like a dream home!

  20. Great treatment and toning, like the vignetting, very pretty!SwissCharles

  21. Always one for the details I love the open gate, daring us to go look inside, I can almost hear it creaking!!

  22. It does look cold and abandoned with the way you processed it. Nice work!

  23. Great shot Elaine! Cette maison semble chargée de souvenirs … Un bien joli cliché que tu nous offres là. Je te souhaite de bonnes fêtes et à bientôt!

  24. Beautiful capture, Elaine. I like the song too:-)

  25. gorgeous processing darling — certainly a touch of the ‘shining’ here!! don’t think i would go in alone… maybe not at all! 😉

  26. Wonderful! Love this one – great lines on the house!

  27. this has a lovely dreamlike quality… despite the gloominess of the song, it looks like a fine old house to me.

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