“What’s a Cartesian system of coordinates?” asked Steve
I said ‘you know’
Steve shook his head
i said well it’s like a corner
you got one wall in front of you
one wall on the side, then you got the roof
only imagine the walls and roof continue to infinity on the outside of the building too
and right in the corner there, that’s all zero
Steve looked at me blankly
‘you want a ride home?’ I asked
‘no thanks, i’ve got happy feet’ he said unhappily

conversation copyright, me and Steve hehe

21 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. haha. did you write that? I’ve been in a bad mood but that made me smile.And I made a bet with myself as your photo was loading. 1.5:1 said it was going to be of your husband and he’d be asleep! Well this is pretty close! Very nice.New Year’s Eve is 5 minutes old in your timezone. Have fun.

  2. this made me laugh. i took a photo of my feet intertwined with those of my wife. it was some years back on the journey from the uk to australia. we had a stopover in singapore and stayed in raffles plaze. we sat on the balcony with our feet playing in front of us while sipping champagne contemplating our new adventure. i went to the trouble of setting p the tripod and shooting our feet. i called the phto happy feet. it was not a great photo but it was an awesome moment. i might post it sometime.

  3. Wow. I really love the treatment you did on this one — the highlights make it seem so fresh, and the wash of color from the blanket(?) is just gorgeous. Plus the composition is so creative!

  4. Ha ha … lovely definition for the Cartesian system :)Happy New Year, Elaine! Hope that 2009 will bring joy, happiness and love to you and those you love.

  5. Happy or not, they are relatively clean looking, and hopefully they dont get cold out there in the open like that :)Happy New years to you and yours, may it bring many more pictures to share :)Thanks for the explanation of the cartesian system too 🙂

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