My Two Favorite Tummies

These are my two favorite tummies in the whole wide world

You would think the dog’s would be more hairy 

23 comments on “My Two Favorite Tummies”

  1. Yikes! And I’ve not even had my breakfast yet. Isn’t there a watershed for photographs like this….. I may need counselling for months! Ha ha

  2. lol …. hehehe … very funny …todays greatest laugh 🙂

  3. Elaine, that is a really funny shot.As I mentioned in a comment I left on your shot yesterday, my Spaniels leap onto the bed when let into the house in the mornings. One likes to burrow under the duvet and curl up next to one’s tummy!If I made such a shot there would be slightly less hair involved. And I don’t mean the dog!!All the best Matt

  4. Belly & Tummy ? :))))) Daring shot ! Great one*

  5. Where is the animal ? At right or left ?Funny shot !

  6. Excellent! En effet la confusion est possible … 🙂 Trop drôle Elaine ! Il fallait l’a trouvé celle-là! Bravo!

  7. Nice texture and light. Love how you’ve seen this!

  8. Daring shot. I must admit at first I thought – now what is she up to. Then I looked again, and thought; “Of course” – that makes sense. Lovely – hope the horror movies didn’t scare you too much.

  9. a lot of hair all around – nice moment

  10. That’s completely, absolutely, unbelievably crazy!:)))But that’s what I really like about it 🙂

  11. lol! and both needs rubbing too.. 🙂

  12. I almost feel out of my chair laughing when I sw thisWell done :)have a great weekend

  13. tendre et drôle.. bravo;)je te souhaite une tres bonne année 2009, à toi et aux tiens !!

  14. What a capture:-)

  15. c’est une symetrie rigolote !

  16. What a great hairy shot, funny indeed. And yes one normally would think the dog is more hairy ;)Now go rub them both 🙂 Not from me though… well you can rub your h…err, the dogs tummy from me 😉

  17. I hope that bear doesn’t eat your dog!Funny shot. It’s actually very sweet.

  18. oh mine, I’ll have to just agreed with on this one.

  19. Have to admit Elaine I never know what to expect from your posts. You definitely have a creative mind and your compositions are unique and fascinating.

  20. Wow! But the hairy company…very funny shot! Well done!

  21. Cute, yet another reason I do not want to encourage my wife to start a blog ;O)

  22. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. Maybe there should be a hair transplant in the works.

  23. This is why I don’t leave my camera around where my girlfriend can find it!

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