Ode to a Retired War-Horse

unlike a retired general
it never dreams of the battlefield
as a prairie for galloping
nor mistakes the piles of corpses
for fences to be jumped over

by William Marr

28 comments on “Warhorse”

  1. Nice lighting and details in this. Cool horse!

  2. spot light on the horse and wonderful compositions

  3. I like the triangles build up this composition. What is this horse?

  4. Nice the sparkling. I like the light.

  5. The brave warhorse 🙂 – Looks trojan? The lines in this image is cool.

  6. Wonderful nostalgic image. Love the textures and quality of light.

  7. The war is over, hopefully. Remains that beautiful horse ! Ready for a ride into Past times 🙂

  8. Ooh I really like this, great tones!

  9. great lighting and processing elaine..like a dream fragment receding in the morning..wonderful

  10. nice lighting, great capture …

  11. Cool, beautifully presented, and thoughtful post Elaine, one of my faves of yours without a doubt

  12. very beautiful scenery and vigneting

  13. This is so pretty, Elaine. I love seeing all the treasure in this wonderful array of warm colors with the soft light.

  14. love the lighting on this one Elaine

  15. Ah, the battles he must have seen. And yet, he is still so proud. I am sure that his warrior-rider is safe.Great composition and lighting here. And so many wonderful textures for my eyes!!

  16. PERFECT!!!

  17. Like the overall composition, with the focus on a greek horse, like a legend :)SwissCharles

  18. Looks like the old war horse has been put out to pasture with the old pictures frames, pot and pans. Cool lighting and framing.

  19. A little piece of life here. Nice framing 🙂

  20. Now it’s your turn to evoke the memories eh?Old forgotten toys really make me feel nostalgic and slightly sad. Did I mention I was a nostagia junkie?Thanks for your comments yesterday and yes you’re right.

  21. He estado echando un ojo por tu blog y me parece fantastico, cuanto dramatismo…buen trabajo, saludos.

  22. Great memory of a great horse…. shame.

  23. You found a fabulous text for this image, Elaine. WOW!

  24. Nice focus on the good old war horse, like all the different angles in this shot… along with the lensflare? in the right corner. Very nice

  25. Wonderful shot, the lighting is spot on,

  26. Very cool lighting in this photo. It makes the horse almost look alive!

  27. ..it’s a trojan horse! lol.. now what’s it doing there?..love the lighting here.. nice shot.. 🙂

  28. I know I’m behind, but good luck with quitting smoking. I wish you all the best.

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