Respectable Street

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  1. Very, very beautiful . Great proscessing Elaine.

  2. wow, love the mood

  3. i really like the fog in this shot.. cool title too! 😀 nice work!

  4. Elaine, U have beautiful picture and a great work !

  5. wow I like the dark light and the mist

  6. Fantastic! Love the mood you’ve captured/created and the quality of light!

  7. Wow – talk about your scarry place. Almost thought this was a scene from Twin Peaks…

  8. another great one … beautiful mood.

  9. very much like the murk here, kinda spooky!

  10. Excellent shot, Elaine – the atmosphere’s wonderful, and I like how the speed bumps, in association with the street lamp, create a window within the frame. Looks gorgeous.

  11. fantastic image – I like the fog, the colors the tree silhouettes … all

  12. So mysterious and cold… I can feel the fog around me…. Brrr! Here at Barcelona, we are having a brilliant and sunny start of the spring. Cheers.

  13. Wow love the foggy atmosphere! Very nice work.

  14. I like the misty atmosphere, amazing to see the snow cleared away, that never happens here!!Hope your keyboard’s ok, no use typing over spilt milk as they say, or do they? Hmmmm :O)

  15. Again I clap.

  16. Great shot, love the mist… and any respectable street must have a speedbump right 🙂

  17. WOW! this looks cold great B/W and the fog excellent 🙂

  18. Very good shot, Elaine. I’ve been enjoying your recent work. This one in particular is my favorite. It appears to be a lonely but peaceful scene, and mysterious as well. The fog and the deep blacks in the trees work very well together. I also like the scarcity but not complete absence of color.

  19. I like the unexpected brightness of the yellow dashes and how they add a nice contrast to the scene. I also like the moody feel of this and how it seems like the stage is set for some scene from a horror film.

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