the DaVinci Sleep

I’M TAKING A BREAK!!! I need to get away from my computer, plus I need to take more pictures 🙂  I’ll comment on your blog when i’m back, ta ta

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  1. I really like this one … great title and excellent processing !

  2. Phenomenal shot, Elaine!

  3. Cool title and processing. Have fun!

  4. i already miss you so hurry back, elaine 🙂

  5. Looks like an abstract painting. Love the textures!!!

  6. Nice! Like a painting from the Renaissance period.

  7. Stunning creation Elaine. Love your processing for this image, a fascinating effect. Interesting images as usual.

  8. It looks like your addicted to your computer… I guess you are not the only one ;-)Very creative… nicely done !

  9. wow amazing texture, let’s decipher the code

  10. Good luck Elaine with your “sabatic”. I understand you: those computers can be truly absorvents. Less PS and more Lomo!!! BTW, the right feet of your husband seems taken directly from a sketch of Leonardo!! Best wishes!!

  11. lol! very well done! it didn’t take me long to figure out the connection of the title and the image.. excellent work! 😀

  12. Wow very well done!! I really did think it looked like a Da Vinci painting before I even saw your title. Very cool processing work!

  13. I like the feeling you gave with this treatment

  14. Wow Elaine – you just get better and better! This one is fantastic – and the title is perfect.Yes, I think it is better to comment after you receive one. Otherwise you end up on the computer way too long and you don’t have time to actually take the photos – which is what we love the most!Take care!!I really do love this one.

  15. It is a very intersting image he looks comfey your use of textures on this one is Great 🙂

  16. Most appropriate image for taking a break, really well processed too. Don’t be gone too long, I’ll be waiting whilst listening to my state of the art wrist radio ;O)

  17. Great capture, editing and title.It is always refreshing to visit you here 🙂

  18. very nice artistic shot elaine! =D

  19. I might just come back and comment every day, just to bug you until you return ;O)

  20. Great title cause I really have to say it does look like some kind of Renaissance painting :)Have fun on your break, hope everything is fine!

  21. I can definitely see some DaVinci in this. Pretty cool.Thinking about taking a break or maybe just shutting down all together myself.

  22. This is cool, definetively some davinci over it. Nice work, and have a great and relaxing break… see you when you get back 🙂

  23. this is truly ravishing Elaine!! i am completely marveled and delighted!! 🙂 and your site is completely different too! wow! beautiful work as always — but i especially love this — this is what dreams are made of…!!! bravo darling!! xxxp.s. when is that show happening? 😉

  24. Wow, ART! 🙂 Great procesing like always!

  25. Baby got back!

  26. Now I know how DaVinci sleeps 😉 kind of like how I sleep. Nice texture and processing.

  27. hahaha…truly a DaVinci sleep!

  28. Computer has taken over our lives! It’s a sweet vice!Take your time Elaine! 🙂

  29. I comment it in French; C’est complètement fucké! Good title, good result. And good luck with the computer weaning…

  30. Excellent! I never saw anything of so good!

  31. Is that a double exposure or post processing. Whichever it is its very well done. Loved this mystic image and the title is too good for this.

  32. Fantastic work with the texture, it gives this a painterly feel. Enjoy your time away from the computer, I’ve been off the chips for a bit and loving it. Amazing all the stuff there is to do out there in this thing called the “world”.

  33. This must be your Da Vinci post. Cool effect!

  34. Hehe…nice processing. The title fits perfectly

  35. Love what you’ve done with this one! The texture is reminiscent of an old painting, and it adds a dreamy quality to an already-dreamy photo.

  36. Come back, dammit! NOW.

  37. Just a perfect title with this image, the processing is very nice.

  38. toujours surprenant et toujours beau

  39. lol at the title. interesting processing. seems like a painting from the cubic era. great work Elaine

  40. Looks like a painting. Nice work

  41. hey darling — now i know i already commented on this one before — but i have to say — it is now even more amazing than the 7 or so times i have seen it!! this is truly a master work on so many levels!! giving you: leonardo da vinci!!! 😀 bravo doll — bravo!!!

  42. Okay I feel like I am stocking you!! Enjoy your vacation Elaine you deserve it!

  43. wow, what a fantastic image and a great portfolio of work !

  44. Great treatment!

  45. La pause aussi fait partie des plus belles partitions de musique … 😉 Reviens vite ! 😉

  46. Very cool. I like this.

  47. Very artistic! Well done !

  48. I like the overlay on this. Great title!

  49. cette géographie des corps est magnifique , portulans des amours endormies à explorer

  50. Real art. Really Excellent.

  51. when are you coming BACK? its been 3 months already!?! 😉 miss you!! xxx

  52. darling!! i am beginning to worry!! you are coming back are you not?? when? when? kisses!!! xxx

  53. I really like the post processing on this one. Looks awesome.

  54. I love the digital manipulation in this beautiful shot.

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