I’m posting a photo today coz I really feel like it, it’s not to say that I’m back but I may be back, we’ll see…

19 thoughts on “git yer motor runnin’

  1. This is pretty cool. The framing makes it sort of look like a TV screen to me. Love the shifted color…it’s almost infrared looking in places.

  2. welcome back? lol! to post or not to post.. that is the question.. ;D love the vintage look of this image though.. nice work! 🙂

  3. Get out on the highway…………cheers, I shall have that in my head all day now, lol :DGreat to see you posting. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll just post when I can and when I jolly well feel like it!!So is this the start of a new road? What lies down this road? Who knows, better travel it and find out!! Love the green blue tones too.

  4. Very cool colours and point of view. Looking upwards gives this a surreal kind of feel as the telephone poles and wires slant slightly along the frame. Nice one Elaine!

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