my hubby asleep under the fake leopard blankie

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  1. l’heureux homme !

  2. la suite d’hier?

  3. yep, leopard, not a tiger, i always mix the twodid he kill the leopard with his own hands to get that blanket?

  4. The lion under the leopard blankie shooted by the tigress 😉 Funny shot, Elaine.

  5. Fake leopard blanket, lol. Great shot!

  6. He looks like a big comfie cat!! Nice image!!!

  7. Great shot Elaine. Boy, he is not going to like this shot, with the whole world to see him sleeping with a leopard blanket. Does he ever get tired of you and your camera Elaine? I know my family at times gets annoyed with me constantly pointing a camera at them. But they all love to look at the pictures later on.

  8. He was not waiting for you to join him…;-)

  9. looks like your hunt was successful.. ;D nice shot!

  10. Heh – getting ready for snow leopard. Nicely done. He really looks fast asleep, I bet you could have brought in the whole marching orchestra and he wouldn’t have noticed.

  11. another one of those nice sleeping photos you take elaine. You’ve made them look so enchanting =]

  12. Sweet image 🙂

  13. HA! Everyone is so tame when asleep! 😀

  14. Looks like he is resting peacefully in his leopard suit. Nice

  15. shhhhhhhhhh, leopard is sleeping……………

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