Snow snow snow

Remember the snow? that’s how long i have had my pictures in the DSLR, just thought i would cool you guys down 🙂

18 comments on “Snow snow snow”

  1. Cool (literally) shot Elaine. I do remember the snow and hope it makes a return this winter 🙂

  2. Thanks, it’s been awfully warm down here in the Dirty South! For some reason, this has quite a rural and rustic feel.

  3. It is almost that time of year again isn’t it – sigh. Nice shot, makes me want to run to bed and get under the covers ha –

  4. sure looks like it was from a long time ago, but photos are taken for great memories, and this is exactly what it’s for! =]

  5. Love the falling snow, cool capture!

  6. i’m longing for a ski holiday 🙂

  7. Sweet memories!!! Altho – I’m hoping for a long autumn before we get back in to winter. Love the big falling flakes!!

  8. Please dont tell me you guys are getting snow already ?? beautiful shot 🙂

  9. sometimes i think a bit of snow would be a next best thing… only with another summer behind the corner !

  10. thanks, it has been a hot summer. just started to cool down a bit.

  11. yeah, though it’s starting to cool down here now a bit.. 🙂 very nice, dreamy shot! 🙂

  12. I feel sleepy!!!!!!!!!

  13. I like the mood and the processing

  14. what the hell … now it’s high summer … cool shot 🙂

  15. Hmm I hope its a awhile longer before we see snow again!

  16. this looks really cool! the image has a good feel!

  17. Its been feeling like it could snow outside now anyways… so this just put winter even closer. Thanks… nice image.

  18. I love snow, thanks for the picture…………..

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