Bar Fly

“I don’t hate cops, I just seem to feel a whole lot better when they’re not arooound.”
“endurance is more important than truth”
Mickey Rourke

16 comments on “Bar Fly”

  1. Good low light photography, Elaine!

  2. This brings a smile to my face and a little snicker…love it, especially the processing.

  3. You have an interesting way to see the world… love your way you photograph the world around you!

  4. a tough man resting before fighting the world

  5. Great light and very interesting capture! Best regards, Andrei.

  6. Nice angle and lighting, great shot!

  7. u always shoes things that people pay less attention to themwell done

  8. Love the quote….it gives an added sense of toughness to the sweet image!!!

  9. Hay, love your work….amazing!!!! Thank you for your comment today:-)

  10. i like the brown colors and the tone 🙂

  11. hmm.. haven’t seen that yet.. but i guess it has something to do with this image today.. 😉

  12. cool … you have the best model in the world, it holds always still 🙂

  13. great vignetting and light shown on this lovely shot elaine!

  14. You tickle me to death, Elaine! Every time I come to your site it’s different! 😀

  15. Title gave me some associations that didnt quite go with the image. Nonetheless, cool image and processing.

  16. i just LOVE this light! so soft — so endearing! its like being at home on your own sofa or lounge… COMPLETELY comfortable!! it makes me relax just viewing this!!! faaabulous work darling!!! xoxoxo

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