I love it in your room

21 comments on “I love it in your room”

  1. Fantastic lighting here, very moody. Seems a bit ethereal and maybe a bit abandoned.

  2. Wow…that is a nice bedroom… you captured the light beautifully… looks like heaven !

  3. Nice light in your room, with this big window, looks comfortable.

  4. Hi Elaine! Your site looks wonderful now :)Absolutely loooove the light on this one, so magical!

  5. hey, that’s great, love the processing also, it has an interesting moodand cool design, i never seen sperms in a blog design before

  6. mmmmmmmm waking up in this room with such light …..not sure i would love to go to office after 😉 Superb, Elaine ! have a great day, or a good night 😉

  7. Great lighting, love that little fan.

  8. i also love these cute h1n1 viruses in the design pattern :)))

  9. Great lighting and mood. Magical… An excellent image!

  10. superbe ambiance !

  11. Great capture, really like the light…surreal and dreamy.

  12. Very cool Elaine! Honestly I don’t know how you have the patience to work on these photos as much as you do but it makes you happy so that is awesome ;)I like the mood this one sets up. Very nice indeed… 😉

  13. this is one room where i can totally relax.. that fan siphoning in the air from the outside is really inviting.. 🙂 very nice shot!

  14. beautiful light and very dreamy and I love the mood!

  15. excellent work – I love the lighting and the mood

  16. Nice effect/glow coming from the window area.

  17. I do, too, Elaine! 🙂

  18. Looks like a sanctuary from the world. Nice.

  19. Oh..I missed this one. Love the light in this. So warm and peaceful!!!

  20. Wow really cool light in this shot. Looks like a great place to relax.

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