Under the Bridge


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  1. The processing is perfect for this. I’m guessing you were moving, but it doesn’t show. Nicely done..-= sherri´s last blog ..<a href="http://www.pearweed.net/index.php?showimage=740“ rel=”nofollow”>i thought of a great title but decided not to use it =-.

  2. i suppose, if you are going to make an elevated road, you might as well use what’s under it too. roads, bike paths, parking– maybe even a miniature golf course. they should run some power lines under there too, and aquaducts. in fact, if we squeeze *everything* under the elevated freeways, viewed from outer space, earth would look like a blue-and-green ball with gray twine wrapped around it. how cool would that be? we’d be totally disguised from alien attacks..-= Seraphine´s last blog ..<a href="http://encoreseraphine.com/2009/11/29/hungry-for-love/“ rel=”nofollow”>Hungry for Love =-.

  3. i like your husband too, elaine. under the freeway would be the perfect spot to keep him, since he seems agreeable to it..-= Seraphine´s last blog ..<a href="http://encoreseraphine.com/2009/11/29/hungry-for-love/“ rel=”nofollow”>Hungry for Love =-.

  4. i wish i had thought of that “no guts no glory” line before i finished my comic. i would have used that as the tagline. anyway, i’m off towards bed- the weekend went by much too fast..-= Seraphine´s last blog ..<a href="http://encoreseraphine.com/2009/11/29/hungry-for-love/“ rel=”nofollow”>Hungry for Love =-.

  5. I love the tones. Great view under the bridge!.-= Zing´s last blog ..<a href="http://zingphotography.aminus3.com/image/2009-11-30.html“ rel=”nofollow”>Here Chook, Chook, Chook, Chook……. =-.

  6. No special way for the donkeys under your bridge?.-= tagazou´s last blog ..<a href="http://tagazouane.over-blog.com/article-l-ane-joue-le-taureau–40291753.html“ rel=”nofollow”>L’âne joue le taureau… =-.

  7. le chemin vers un paradis, certainement

  8. I love urban landscapes! and that makes me think of the red hot song : under the bridge , so beautiful that song.-= tyler´s last blog ..<a href="http://the-tyrell-corporation.over-blog.com/article-the-swiss-sheriff-he-don-t-like-it-40259848.html“ rel=”nofollow”>the swiss sheriff he don’t like it =-.

  9. i like the mood, doesn’t seem that busy there. great processing and nice touch capturing the lone car in front of you. the biker is a plus! =].-= Liang´s last blog ..<a href="http://www.lg306.com/index.php?showimage=216“ rel=”nofollow”>@ the Stevenson Bridge =-.

  10. the texture and the tones are nice here!.-= joshi daniel´s last blog ..<a href="http://joshidaniel.com/2009/11/30/71/“ rel=”nofollow”>Letting go… =-.

  11. Wow, superb lines ! Great compo and love the sensation I’m in your car – cool with the biker included in that great frame – and tones*.-= k@´s last blog ..<a href="http://karinian.aminus3.com/image/2009-11-30.html“ rel=”nofollow”>Relâcher la vapeur, et aller de l’avant maintenant =-.

  12. Great perspective, I like also the vintage colors..-= BoB´s last blog ..<a href="http://memoriesinthedust.aminus3.com/image/2009-11-30.html“ rel=”nofollow”>Re Thutmosi III =-.

  13. Love how you framed this..your point-of-view. Really nice…and – I’m lovin’ the falling snow!!.-= Marcie´s last blog ..<a href="http://marciescudderphotography.com/index.php?showimage=1001“ rel=”nofollow”>Canali di Notte 2 =-.

  14. creepy… what if they fall down?.-= rocksea´s last blog ..<a href="http://www.rocksea.org/living-statues-padova-italy“ rel=”nofollow”>living statues of padova =-.

  15. Beautiful done, great shot. I like the color and mood of this image!

  16. de superbe couleurs pour cette composition, et heureusement, la neige ne tient pas !

  17. nice colors and theme.-= yiannis krikis´s last blog ..<a href="http://krikis.aminus3.com/image/2009-11-30.html“ rel=”nofollow”>opening =-.

  18. great point of view and excellent postprocessing!

  19. Very dramatic, love the endless feel too it!.-= Terry H.´s last blog ..<a href="http://the-lakelife.com/pixelpost/index.php?showimage=307“ rel=”nofollow”>Safari Guys =-.

  20. cool perspective!! well done Elain

  21. I like this a lot. Also, the color processing is really cool!.-= hoi´s last blog ..<a href="http://www.boredvisitors.com/index.php?showimage=133“ rel=”nofollow”>Space Age =-.

  22. What a pleasant and inviting bicycle path! I like how you got a cyclist actually using it, otherwise I’d never believe anyone did. All that concrete gives a bit of an oppressive feeling..-= SD (Aspherical)´s last blog ..<a href="http://aspherical.foursevenfour.net/index.php?showimage=1118“ rel=”nofollow”>ultramodern =-.

  23. very nice framing.. that’s one cool toning.. :).-= rian´s last blog ..<a href="http://www.digitizedchaos.com/2009/11/30/west-dauphin/“ rel=”nofollow”>west dauphin =-.

  24. Love the processing on this shot. The tunnel seems to go on forever.

  25. Love the lomo effect on this photo, its just loaded with textures. Nice one!.-= Brian Chen´s last blog ..<a href="http://brianschen.com/index.php?showimage=274“ rel=”nofollow”>Erica + Brock =-.

  26. such faaabulous and very powerful leading lines here darling — and my favorite part is the flicker of blue that lays on top — like an old technicolor film from a reel! gorgeous processing!!! xxxxx.-= dj.tigersprout´s last blog ..<a href="http://visionlogic.aminus3.com/image/2009-11-26.html“ rel=”nofollow”>a Blue Wilderness Frontier, Fairbanks, Alaska =-.

  27. Very cool shot dig all the lines in the pic leading into infinity.-= Ivar´s last blog ..<a href="http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Bluviews/~3/-cJiv1qIKj0/“ rel=”nofollow”>Dare to believe =-.

  28. “And I am still avenues from any place you are” (Whiskeytown)Elaine, I love you for this great & soulfull composition. That really rocks. Perfect, perfect, perfect.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch..-= Fritsch´s last blog ..<a href="http://www.hobokollektiv.net/?p=960“ rel=”nofollow”>everything changes =-.

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