House of the Rising Sun


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  1. Beautiful house, I love the roof. Nice angle!.-= Zing´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Family =-.

  2. From the awning over the steps in front I’m guessing your title is true. I grew up with kids who lived in houses very much like it..-= sherri´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>river backwater =-.

  3. You have such a fresh way of looking at the world. Beautiful shot.

  4. i wanted to live in a house like that. only without the reddish awning.i wanted an upstairs bedroom with an angled ceiling, a windowed dormer and a white bench to sit on. i wanted a quilt on my bed. and my own room.

  5. Look at all the windows to catch the rising sun, Elaine. I can just imagine all the nooks and crannies inside!

  6. aww, i’m sorry. i know you’re disappointed.i wondered what happened to yesterday’s comments. i *hate* when stuff gets messed. it’s frustrating.the good news is you have a wonderful photo-blog and people who like you. you’ll get a LOT more comments to replace the ones you lost.they’ll rain on you like… well… sunshine..-= Seraphine´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Swine Flu Vaccine =-.

  7. This house is so very ‘Canadian’. Thank-you for the childhood reminder!!! Is it yours???.-= Marcie´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Nuvola della Tempesta =-.

  8. The light and the angle are precious!Hugs :).-= ManuelaR´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010! =-.

  9. Very English looking, many places like this on the east coast seaside towns. Love the vignette..-= Craig´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Barbed =-.

  10. Happy new year Elaine excellent shot I love the colour tones.-= Philip´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>The Peregrine Falcon =-.

  11. Hi Elaine!At the moment, the sun here (for the donkey) is a frozen one!.-= tagazou´s last blog ..<a href="–42406188.html“ rel=”nofollow”>J’aurais voulu être un ânartiste…. =-.

  12. Looks like a comfy place!

  13. Nice angle and colours..-= beanow´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>*** / Ireland (01.2010) =-.

  14. That beauty makes me remembering warmer days. Thanks for letting the sunshine in & for a mighty fine composition. The colours are great as is the photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch..-= Fritsch´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>there is absence =-.

  15. Very cool, gives a flashbacks to some of the house horror movies for some reason ;-).-= Ivar´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Who am I =-.

  16. fantastic image – vignette and presenattion.-= yiannis krikis´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>blue & red =-.

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