By the Lake

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  1. Cool processing, looks like a classic painting, hope your weekend is goind well

  2. what a cool snapshot. i love those shades. and whatever you did to the photo,it looks beautiful. i like the oversaturation. i like how important you make him feel.

  3. It looks like a painting…. Where is the Princess?

  4. yeah, i’m ok. i’ve half-expected the news for a year and a half- i work for a bank.i was rather hoping things would be getting better by now. the good news is i havetime to make some contingency plans. i’d *love* to make a living as an artist, but thepay is miserable, isn’t it? maybe i’ll go back to school. i really don’t know. mostly tightnow, i have to find a way to cut expenses for a while. i cancelled the cellphoneaccounts. we decided to pay cash for everything and not use the visa. etc. etc.

  5. yes… cool effects, exactly like a painting

  6. ya, there’s the bright side. i really don’t know what i want to do.if i go back to school, i think maybe i’ll take accounting, pottery and art classes?i have a solid background in financials, all i need is the degee to do accounting,but is that what i really want to do? or i can apply at another bank? at least, i don’t have to make any decision right away.

  7. Such great colors. Love the processing..and the shadow you captured/created around him. Wonderful!!!

  8. Great set of pictures again Elaine and I do love the layout of you blog, fabulous!!!!!I know I have been out for a while, I try to be back again more frequent.Have a great day

  9. "You take a boy out of the country / He’s country boy still" (Dale Watson)Blurry, cool, brilliant! That’s what I love about Elaine & her precious art. Remeber this, Elaine, when the going gets tough. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  10. you made this look like a pastel painting! beautiful work, elaine! 😀

  11. what a beautiful sunny day….can’t wait for the sun! thanks for sharing

  12. You were blue… and your husband full coloured!! What kind of lake is this?? haha!! Kisses Elaine.x

  13. really nice processing. this image has a really good mood to it 🙂

  14. For some strange reason, he has a resemblence to the lead brother who is a detective in the series ‘Numbers’. More worrying is that he’s rather appealing in this shot…… yikes!!!!! Did I just say that…… ha ha

  15. I love it. It looks like an old oil painting in fresh strange colors.

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