19 thoughts on “Walk the Plank

  1. laffs. i like your joke about the hunchback and the pegleg. but is it pc to call someone a pegleg? i wonder what the correct term would be for pegleg? i seriously don’t know.looking for the correct term in google doesn’t offer any alternatives, so maybe a pegleg is a pegleg after all.i’m not depressed. it’s stress. my shoulders are hunched up to my ears.

  2. Excellent use of light to guide the eye into this image Elaine. Love the perspective and the framing. Such a beautiful image with lovely colors and a great dreamy effect.

  3. it’s a very funny joke. it’s great when you have a good audience. i shouldn’t complain about stress though, you’ve been having 10xthe stress i have. i ate a whole box of animal cookies even thoughi wasn’t hungry. i hope the man you love hid the refrigerator from you.or maybe you handle stress differently than i do. moving is spendy,i hope you’re able to work something out with the landlord.

  4. i hate rude awakenings. besides, being on bare land presents a problem withutilities and practical things like snow removal. unless you can hitch up to a pickup and move when you want, which probably isn’t true since you live ina nice place. poor sparticus needs a stable home, and you deserve one too.

  5. this has such a special enticing feel to it with the cool lighting, I feel a sense of anticipation wondering whether I should be waiting patiently at the top of the stairs or ruching down them to the ladyI cannot explain why I fele that but its what came to me as I saw it, SUPERB

  6. Is this Horseshoe Bay? I was just there last Sunday…although it was a lot colder than it looks to be here. Nice shot Elaine and I like your post production, colour and glow.

  7. Fantastic shot! I agree with all those comments above, and I just LOVE the feeling of freedom I get looking at the woman and the gorgeous tones in the water.

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