Ceramics Class

Something I made in ceramics class but never finished… it says, if you can’t read it… THIS TEA IS STEEPED IN THE HYPOTHETICAL…. a little ceramics joke 🙂

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  1. Because of the processing, the teapot itself seems a bit hypothetical. Is it really there?

  2. i think it’s brilliant! i want a tee shirt with that on it.hey, you are very talented! i love the shape of your teapot.and look, it’s not all lopsided, like mine would be if i was in the same class.it doesn’t look unfinished. what does it need? a glazing? baking?i know nothing about making ceramics, but it sounds like fun.

  3. i hope somebody didn’t steal your half-baked teapot. boogers if they did.

  4. pictures are never stupid. and they take up less room than teapots.speaking of stupid, i’m off to go watch american idol. luckily, its recorded so i can skip through the commercials. i hope whoever took your teapot has to watch stupid always plus maxi pad commercials for eternity.(here’s a question girls. what is very thin and has wings? a butterfly?no, it’s a maxi always plus thin with wings! now *that’s* a good maxi)

  5. LOL at Seraphine. I agree…there’s nothing that appears unfinished about this teapot. Talk about charming. Have you always had this sense of humor??? 🙂

  6. I think it looks finished too and I thinks it’s great, like it looks antique almost and the pp is awesome! Nice one my friend! So you gonna make some T shirts with this on or what?

  7. What a great tea pot!! And – I especially love the words you’ve carved into it…so true!!

  8. Super message on the tea pot 😉 Philosophy is everywhere (with or without sugar, for sure !)

  9. I to think it looks finished and real cool, I tried doing some pottery once and what a mess i got into with no end result LOL, such cool processing on this as well

  10. nicely crafted tea pot! love the quote …. ! i’m sure there will be many nice stories discussed around this tea pot

  11. great artwork displayed here. seems like photography and ceramics mixed into one. 😉

  12. Ha Ha Ha Love ceramics humor. Pour me a spot of tea would you Dear.

  13. Lovely teapot, you’re so talented!

  14. unfinished or not, it does make for a fine subject to photograph.. well done.. 😉

  15. So are you saying your ceramics humor is half-baked? ;)The processing on this is just perfect!

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