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  1. Nice; I like the contrast with the wall.Perhaps in the future there will be little cell phones embedded in the walls of buildings for people to use. I still miss the rotary-dial phones.One advantage of this type of phone – people at work can’t contact you when you’re out at lunch.

  2. What a great play of colours, Elaine. This is no photograph but a monument: Great title, great frame, great shot, my dear! The contrasts & light leaves me admiring your work. As always! Love it, love it, truly love it. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. More nice work with the lighting. And this goes so well with the previous post. I wonder how Tony Soprano will conduct business when the last of these heads to the great garbage dump in the sky?

  4. I really like this, the tone/colour and that subtle glow, as if it’s just appeared there and may pop off again at any moment. I’m talking jibbersih again aren’t I? lol 😉 You must be used to it by now? This is modern you know, we still have the old red ones in some places!

  5. LOL at Seraphine. Well, you’re right. These will become relics that our grandshildren will want to find and put in their yards somewhere!

  6. Elaine, this is the first I’ve seen your work – this phone booth has an amazing glow about it! It’s more like a monument to a phone booth, it has such presence.Lovely work. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing what you do next with your incredible x-ray vision (or whatever you have that allows you to see things as you do.All the best!Elaine (@laineyd7)

  7. Yes, they certainly are. I’ve got my eye on one I drive past in western Maine from time to time, just waiting for the day when it disappears.

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