We all have to put up with something.

9 comments on “We all have to put up with something.”

  1. This is priceless, Elaine. You have so many wonderful memories of your sweetie-pie. Of your husband, too, of course. 😀

  2. That sweet little head sticking out?? Too wonderful!!

  3. So cute, hiding from the camera?

  4. dont know y it reminds me of that scene in alien lol, but ur wee dog is waaay cuddlier than an alien! 🙂

  5. It looks like Coco is hoping your husband doesn’t have another one of THOSE dreams. 😉

  6. tossing and turning…. this pup can take whatever the master does!

  7. help. i’m being held captive. please send the ransom to…

  8. Oh, that cutie ! Love that image, so sweet*****

  9. Oh My! He should have that mole looked at!

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