thru a glass darkly…

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  1. That is a really cool shot; I just hope it isn’t the view through the windshield while driving along!

  2. Most brilliant, my dear. What a great photograph, what a great title to this post. Blown away once more. Love, love, love this pearl! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. Wonderful abstract. Such a creative way to show reflections. Especially love the texture effect of the raindrops.

  4. Tones here are very melancholic behind the luminous light, very nice one.

  5. nice and dreamy!

  6. Love the blury look of the world through the wet window.

  7. Nice one, very dark and suspicious feeling. I like it.

  8. time for coffeea plastic booth too brightly litto see the darkened street through the raina newspaper beside me yesterday’s headlinesit’s too early for the morning editionmourning edition but i’m too tired to make the jokenobody wants to hear it anywayi make little waves on the surfacewith my breath andtry not to burn my lipsthis coffee is bitter

  9. cream and sugar should be married to coffeestrawberry shortcake with whipped creambread and butterthe carrot is unlovedit makes me feel like a stalk of celerywhen we hang together two unmarried, thirsty uglies

  10. lettuce pray for fat-free cheese

  11. i wish you all the best with your fruit and veggies. actually, that’s a very healthy can’t help but feel better eating fresh foods like that. it’s discouraging when youare still in pain; i hope you start feeling better soon. and yummm, it’s almost freshpeach season. i could almost live on ripe peaches, they taste so freaking good.

  12. Wonderful Elaine ! I like very much this silhouette which we guess and which is outlined behind glaze. Mysterious and poetic at once! I like!

  13. what a depressing scene! well, that was my first reaction upon seeing this.. 🙂 i instantly had the urge to grab a cup of coffee and lounge in the sofa.. 😀 great capture.. 🙂

  14. very nice and good reflection. bravo

  15. This is very good! The silhouettes and horizontal and vertical lines are wonderful.

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