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  1. I love those crazy colors, they give this a graphic art kind of feel. And the tilt gives it a nice dynamic sense of action.

  2. I love the dog’s look – priceless! Very nice artistic effect here.

  3. i wonder if dogs recognize doll dogs, or they just see a blob of material with eyes?

  4. I like the angle and the colours, very creative.

  5. il est superbe ce traitement des couleurs !

  6. Love the fluorescent blue toning here…and that there’s a whole story being told in this one simple image.

  7. Belles couleurs, très joli traitement !! Peace !

  8. endearing nontheless. as long as she holds her thumb out of the way…

  9. Beautiful image Elaine, really like the effect with the colors and lighting. Your niece is growing up so fast. Wonderful capture.

  10. What an invitation, Elaine. And thanks for bringing back this one of a kind header of yours. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  11. I really like the post processing you use lately. Very cool indeed. Nice photo of your niece.

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