The Look of Love

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  1. peanut butter cookies go with beerisn’t that like life, everything goes with something?hot and cold, the seasonsthe first kissthe way it used to be is the way it wascomplex and simple flavorsthere is no such thing as being too relaxedair waits to take his place

  2. if anyone knows about pain, you doit isn’t the earth that concerns meeventually the world heals itselfall traces that we have been herewill be gone in a hundred years perhaps ten thousand yearsit is us that i am worried about

  3. good point about us being the same as natureand how we should be able to heal ourselves.————> in theory. i’m off to bed, hope to be healed by morning.

  4. Awww so cute them resting together like this

  5. Traitement aux petits oignons, belle intimité !! Peace

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