ok do you guys want me to give up my photoblog? because 2 comments aren’t enuff for me to keep going, I just spent the last 2 hours making comments on blogs and my back hurts so much i could cry, i’m not sure my photos are worth this, maybe i will put a little check box like walter neiger

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  1. Love her expression – she looks like she’s about to get belligerent and open up a can of Whup-ass™ on a bunch of non-commenting fools.

  2. That is one sweet face but she also looks like she has wisdom in those eyes.

  3. Before I read your text, Elaine, my immediate reaction to this girl was "she’s a grown-up already!" After reading your text I want to say that this is the summertime when all blogs are receiving fewer comments. We’re experiencing this at V&V, too. Are you able to see how many unique views you’re receiving? Let that be your guideline instead of the comments, per chance? Some people want to see your image but don’t have/take the time to comment. In the end, do the blog for YOU. Is it therapeutic for YOU? The answer to that question will help you know what to do. I for one LOVE stopping by the 3 days of the week I do my blogroll. I would miss you if you weren’t here!On another note, Astrid goes through times when posting totally drains her and she has to stop for awhile. Know thyself! We talk about this often because we’re the only ones who can take care of ourselves!

  4. Dear Elaine, I will write you in private too, I love your pictures, I do like what you do with the misty look.That girl knows she is good looking, love the body language….’don’t mess with me’….

  5. Love the sense of confidence..and maybe even a bit of arrogance in her body language and eyes. And – don’t stop. Just keep on truckin’…

  6. Looks like the same girl facing & leaving – love the sensation !(and i always visit you before you do, right ? Never forget i don’t forget… you ! :–)))

  7. Well let’s deal with the photo first, I love it, the expression is fantastic! I get the feeling that look means "one more photo and I’ll kick yer shins" but I was an angry child :)As for comments, well as said above it is summertime and people are less active in the blogosphere. I think I got one comment last week but had 1205 hits, I’ve stopped worrying about comments and I feel more relaxed about the whole thing. you can only do what you feel you need to but I for one hope you continue. Big hugs to you my friend 🙂

  8. What attitude Little Miss has! No, please do not go. I would miss you very much, and I would be sad not to be able to view your photos!

  9. Hope u will not bite me because i was not very present those last weeks , on your space and on another friends blog. I was very busy at work , and lot of care to give to my sick G/F. And some vacations too 😉 So if you bite me for all of that , please do it , but sloooooooowly ;-)Have a great Week end , Elaine !Kiss kiss

  10. Hey you, hope you’re well. My philosphy is to blog for myself and since coming back to my second site, gone are the days of 100+ comments on my photo each day because I grew tired of those leaving ‘Nice light’ comments just so I’d go and post a comment on their blog. Now, I get just a handful a day and they are comments that mean more to me. I do not worry about stats and figures, daily visit counts and such, I just write and photograph for my own pleasure and if anyone says something, well that’s a bonus.Just my take, E.A terrific shot today in which you’ve really captured a tiny personality. Chill gal, enjoy what you do, don’t worry about comments so long as you are enjoying yourself. Have a lovely weekend. Regards, Paul.

  11. i can imagine her growing up and having the same face.. :Dabout the comment thingy, i guess it’s because it’s summer and kids are out of skool, so peeps spend more time outdoors.. ;D

  12. awww. she’s adorable!i’m sorry i haven’t been posting to your blog, but i hope you don’t stop because i *love* coming over to visit.

  13. This is great! I love the expression on her face, the flowers, the light and shade, and how it looks like the same girl walking away.

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