What?? Flash?? ugh

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  1. This feels like a vintage Polaroid, and the lighting is reminiscent of Weegee with that harsh flash and high contrast. I dig it.

  2. Definitely not happy about getting that flash in his eyes!! Love the framing!

  3. What?? Flash??I don’t like flash except Elaine is using it the great way she always uses it. Contrast, baby, gimme contrast. What a beauty. Love it, my dear. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. lol, did he bite you after the flash ? 😉 again a very funny shot :-)))have a good day Elaine , kiss kiss

  5. hahaha. you stayed up two nights redesigning your webpage, and it looked perfectly wonderful, and then… you changed it again?!!!i’m sure must be a medical term for that. it’s definitely not attention disorder. but elaine, if the worst thing in life is to be bored to death, you have nothing to worry about.you’re definitely not boring. it’s your creative side looking for an outlet.you’re so good at designing web pages, you should make a business of it– at least get paid for what you love doing.

  6. nothing is ever perfect unless you have some input in it. it’s true. even at museums, i like watching people ‘interact’ with art.(well, it’s also true that i like to watch people’s feet so i can see what kind of shoes they are wearing, but that’s entirely different matter).

  7. crocs and sox? lol, don’t worry about it,i have a pair of crocs somewhere in the back of my closet.hmm. i wonder what happened to them? i forgot they existed.

  8. i love this one. it’s easy to navigate and very clean. but i miss the flower at the top.

  9. He looks angry for having the flash in his eyes! 🙂

  10. This has an interesting feel and quality to it..I like it alot! Hope all is well your way!

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