Grumpy Old Men

10 comments on “Grumpy Old Men”

  1. Reminds me of a ‘daddy’s only’ doggy playgroup. FUN!

  2. haah! love the expressions of the dogs!

  3. Grumpy old men with man’s best friend. Cool

  4. do you think the rain will hurt the rhubard?a-yup. nope.would you like a stick of rhubarb?nope.molly’s mother made the best rhubarb pie, eh?a-yup.

  5. Like soccer/football players with their balloon-dog at their feet, ha ;))

  6. Ha! How can they be grumpy with dogs? I like this old school feel from the processing.

  7. A pug missing a good butt-sniffing opportunity? Hmmm, doesn’t seem right.

  8. I think I would have called it "country for old men". This is amazing & new favourite for me. What a brilliant composition & your light never fails to blow my mind, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. Your hubby is wearing a jacket. Saturday our heat index was between 112 and 115. Funny title for this shot:-)

  10. and they’d say.. "get off my lawn!" ;D

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