First Flight

7 comments on “First Flight”

  1. She’s like an angel getting ready to spread her wings, Elaine.

  2. I don’t know … I’m completely speachless … i found your images already awesome, the style in which you post process them is superb, and now whit this new addition … You’re truly an artist and this is ART for me.

  3. This is a lovely portrait, beautiful dof and processing!

  4. You’ll soon my elder niece doing her own first flight but more in a Dracula way ;))) Great pose & tones are as sweet as she is !

  5. Love the big shirt..the smile. She’s growing up too quickly!!!

  6. houston, we have lift off.she is so cute.although it is probably easier to fly with wings than an oversized garment.unless, of course, it is a magic jacket,a cloak of divine flight.

  7. 🙂 it does make her look like a small bird learning how to fly.. nice capture!

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