Jug of Moonshine

7 comments on “Jug of Moonshine”

  1. Delicious colors in this one, Elaine.

  2. a great closeup! i like the theme here of the jar!

  3. i have a friend who drinks water from a jar. he fills it with ice cubes. he drinks lots of water. maybe i only think it’s water and it is really moonshine. life never ceases to surprise. neither do you.

  4. yes, i really got that close. but i leaned over a fence and stretched my arms with the camera pointing downwards– and everyone was sleeping. i don’t think they even flickered an ear. i think besides mama, there were 8 little piglets. i should have counted them.

  5. Such gorgeous colors!! Looks like a magical elixir!

  6. Wonderful treatment and colors

  7. Utterly beautifull

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