7 comments on “Bridges”

  1. Looks like a busy road. Love the processing!

  2. i'd hate to drive a truck. on the road all night,flat tires, popping pills, trying to back up using only mirrors,load limits, air brakes, designer mud flaps,truckstop food, peeing in a bottle, away from homefor weeks listening to country music on am radio and sometimes, on bad days, losing your load.

  3. the couple that took turns driving the trucksound like they are made for each other.i wonder what they talk about for hours and hours on end or if they talk at all?

  4. "Crosstown traffic, so hard get through"But I love every ride with you, dear. And there are so many bridges we didn't crossed yet & so may places to go. May it never end. Great composition, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. There's something so great about your processing. As if it stops both time and motion. Nice one!!

  6. wow…great photos!

  7. Like an eye-brow up the road !

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