14 thoughts on “Bunny Lovin’

  1. aww. that looks like a toy rabbit.wild rabbits are funny. hiking in the hills, i sometimes surprise them while they are doing whatever it is that rabbits do when they aren't paying attention. they'll freeze. they won't move a muscle. one can almost hear them thinking: if i don't move, nobody can see me.but of course, i can see them so i tell them "i can seeee you"because really, they're so funny.

  2. i've known more women on a mission than women on a cause. although, i know many women who support causes and are active in them.and yes, they make history, even if you don't always hear or read about them.

  3. Quitely I say thanks for this beauty on a rainy Friday morning here in Berlin. Not disturbing the Friday bunny, just enjoying the beauty you create. A perfect frame, Elaine. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. Cute little bunny! I had some cottontails growing up in a bush outside my office window and kept meaning to bring a decent camera in to get a shot, but they are long gone now and all I got was a few camera phone pictures. oh, well, they will probably be there again next spring.

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